b. 1981, Traverse City, Michigan.
Lives/works in Palo Alto (USA).


Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Doctoral Candidate, Department of Theater and Performance Studies
PhD Minor, Art and Art History
Hume Graduate Fellowship Fund in the Arts, The Anne Kristen Davis Fellowship Fund, GRO (Graduate Research Opportunity) grant

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
M.F.A. in Art and in Writing.
CalArts Scholarship (2005-07)

The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
B.A. with Honors in Human Development and with Honors in Visual Arts.
Halperin Scholar (1999 – 2003), Dean’s List (1999 – 2003), Metcalf Scholar (2001), Foreign Language Acquisition Grant (2002), The Louis Sudler Prize in the Performing and Creative Arts (2003)


Carl Weber Fellowship, Nitery Experimental Theater (NExT) Co-Artistic Director, Stanford

Center for Cultural Innovation – ARC Grantee, Los Angeles
Akademie Schloss Solitude Cooperation Fellow, Stuttgart, Germany
Salem2Salem Fellow, Schloss Salem, Bodensee, Germany

Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellow, Video/ Film/ New Media Fellow, Stuttgart, Germany

Creative Capacity Fund Grant, Center for Cultural Innovation, San Francisco
I-Park Foundation, Moving Image/ Performance Fellow, East Haddam, Connecticut

California Community Foundation Visual Arts Fellow
Digital Arts Studios, International Artist-in-Residence, Belfast, Northern Ireland
I-Park Foundation, Moving Image Fellow, East Haddam, Connecticut

Second Place, Decadal Juried Art Show, Dennos Museum of Art, Traverse City, Michigan


How’s Your Car, Department of Theater and Performance Studies, Stanford University (audio-video performance)

Passing Through: A Talk/Performance with Danielle Adair, Hopscotch Reading Room, Berlin (performance-talk and book launch)
Caution, bomb, hand-numbered ed. of 50, printed in Berlin (artist book)

A Steakhouse In Upstate: Danielle Adair, Le Salon/DAS KAPiTAL, Berlin (performance-talk)

FIRST ASSIGNMENT to Inauguration by Danielle Adair, Veggie Cloud, Los Angeles (performance and screening)

And I Think I Like It., Akademie Schloss Solitude Edition Solitude – Projektiv Series, Stuttgart, Germany (artist book)

Caution Baum, an opera by Danielle Adair, Musikhochschule, Stuttgart (performance)
Danielle Adair – selections from And I Think I Like It., curated by Jeff Cain, UCR Culver Center for the Arts, Culver Digital Mural Jumbotron, Riverside, California (exhibition)
On the Rocks, In the Land, featuring interview with curator Ciara Ennis, Pitzer College Art Galleries, Claremont, California (artist book)
Danielle Adair – And I Think I Like It., Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart (exhibition)

Danielle Adair – On the Rocks, In the Land, Pitzer Art Galleries, Claremont, California (exhibition)
Danielle Adair at KUNST FREITAG, The Kiesel and the KUNST-BUS, Friedrichshafen, Germany (performance and installation)
Danielle Adair & Natalie Häusler, curated by Gladys-Katherina Hernando, Infernoesque, Berlin (exhibition)
Danielle Adair – And I Think I Like It., Human Resources, Los Angeles (performance)
Danielle Adair – Pre-game Sound, guest show, KChung Radio, Los Angeles (Jan 25) (performance)

Danielle Adair with Shekhan in performance, invited by Eve Fowler, to The Artist’s Studio@One Colorado, Pasadena (performance and exhibition)
Danielle Adair – And I Think I Like It., Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles (performance and exhibition)
Danielle Adair – HEADTalks at Black Box, part of the PST Performance and Public Art Festival, Los Angeles (performance)
Danielle Adair – Don’t Think Once Again on KChung Radio, for Perform Now! Chinatown, Los Angeles (July 21) (performance)
Danielle Adair, Arts District Downtown WinterFest, Los Angeles (performance)

Danielle Adair on Ear Meal, sound art webcast from laARTstream, Los Angeles (performance)
Some People Are Without Guitar, part of the Library of Sacred Technologies collection, designed by Tanya Rubbak, Los Angeles (artist book)

First Assignment, Sea & Space Explorations, Los Angeles (performance and screening)
From JBAD, Lessons Learned, Les Figues Press, Los Angeles (artist book)
From JBAD, Lessons Learned, The Velaslavasay Panorama, Los Angeles (performance and book launch)
Coverlands, Work Space, Los Angeles (exhibition)

Danielle Adair and Garrett Caples, Machine Project, Los Angeles (performance)
The Queen Schmooquan “Say My Name” Show with Danielle Adair, BetaLevel, Los Angeles (performance)

“Sex and Rage” and Responsibility and March 17th and “The Documents of 20th Century Art” and Texas Holdem and Art Groupies and Walter Hopps and Tripods and “That’s Hot” and War Protest and Theory, D301 Gallery, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California (exhibition)


The Manic Monologues, directed by Elisa Hofmeister and produced by Zach Burton, The Friends of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, UCLA, Los Angeles (performer)

MANIFESTO: A Modest Proposal, curated by Ciara Ennis, Pitzer College Art Galleries, Claremont, CA

LA Road Concert, Los Angeles
Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Desert Poetry, organized by Harmony Holiday, Feliz Lucia Molina, Joseph Mosconi, and Ben Segal, Landers Cabin, Landers, California

Modern Arts and Crafts, curated by Astri Swendsrud, Eastside International, Los Angeles

Salem2Salem, Schloss Salem, Bodensee, Germany
Decided Indecisiveness, screening curated by Claudia Gehre, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart
Art Meets Science, curated by Katrin Wolf, Römerstraße Project Space, Stuttgart
“selections from From JBAD, Lessons Learned“ in Heaps of Language, curated by John Berdel, KChung Radio (April 12)
Openaries, a project by Anna Mayer and Laura Aldridge, Glasgow International, Glasgow, UK

SHIPWRECKED, Night Gallery, Los Angeles
Chronicles of Work, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart
Long Night of the Museums, Römerstraße Project Space, Stuttgart
Night of 100 or 80 Flurries: Danielle Adair, Andrew Choate, and Members of the Lunar Light Orchestra, BetaLevel, Los Angeles
The Wood Anniversary, Elephant Art Space, Los Angeles

Contested Territories, curated by Miguel Amado, Dorsky Gallery, New York
GROT-OH performance night, Bruno Glint Gallery, London
In Our Backyard, curated by Marlene Perronet, Bettina Lehmann, and Juliane Beck, Spinnerei, Leipzig
Art Platform and Co/Lab, Infernoesque booth, Los Angeles
The Subterraneans, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, California
Casual Dancing, a project by Bianca D’Amico and Greg Curtis, Elephant Art Space, Los Angeles
Perform Wow, Small Forms Space, Perform Now! Chinatown, Los Angeles
THE SERIES XIII: Summer Solstice, The Standard Rooftop, Los Angeles
Write Thing reading series, Medaille College, Buffalo, New York
4th Annual Homoerotic Valentine’s Day Reading, Five Points Reading Series, Workspace, Los Angeles
Reading: An Installation, Les Figues Authors, Palos Verdes Arts Center, Palos Verdes

Nothing to Declare, Vargas Museum, Manila, Philippines
“I Am Responsible” at Mrs. Porter’s Salon at Occupy Los Angeles, Los Angeles
“Some People Are Without Guitar” with drummer Corey Fogel, as part of the Sunset Blvd LA Road Concert, Los Angeles and New York
30 Under 30: An Anthology of Innovative Fiction, Center for Fiction, New York
Eternal Telethon, BELLYFLOP Gallery, Los Angeles
Chain Letter, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica
Summer Soul Sis, Jaus Gallery, Los Angeles
12:12 Song, Actual Size, Los Angeles
“Two Shoes Many Hats” with project collaborator Jun’ichiro Ishii, Galerie White Project, Paris
Signify, Sanctify, Believe, Public Fiction, Los Angeles
The Open Daybook, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles

“The Way of Progress” in the ArcheTime: Cross-Disciplinary Conference and Festival, EFA Project Space / WIX Lounge / SET Gallery, New York
Chasing Shadows, curated by Vincent Ramos, The Onion, Los Angeles
Eternal Telethon, Machine Project, Los Angeles
“We Are Mired In Clouds” at the Silverlake Jubilee Festival, Los Angeles
The Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here memorial reading, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

1969, curated by Vincent Ramos, Dan Graham Gallery, Los Angeles
Welcome To Fake Iraq, Angels Gate Cultural Center, Los Angeles
“The Space Between Presidents” as part of the Washington Blvd LA Road Concert, Los Angeles

Interrupt, Intervene! Art as Social Practice Conference, University of California – Santa Cruz, California
Ornament is a Crime, Gallery 1927, Los Angeles
Hollywould, LA Freewaves Festival, Los Angeles
Exchange Rate 2008, Remy’s, Los Angeles
Just How Does A Patriot Act, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana
Cologne OFF Video Festival, Cologne, Germany
Fake Afghanistan Video Night, Sea & Space Explorations, Los Angeles
“For Sale” as part of the San Fernando LA Road Concert, Los Angeles
Future Potentials and Ex-Nons, BetaLevel, Los Angeles
GLARE Quarterly Launch at the Museum of Contemporary Art – PDC, Los Angeles
SoundinSpace, Sea & Space Explorations, Los Angeles
Possible Impossible Dimension, Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, Los Angeles

Late Night Snack, BetaLevel, Los Angeles
TrenchArt: Parapets, Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles
Les Figues at West Hollywood Book Fair, Los Angeles
Les Figues at The Smell, Los Angeles
“Corteania” in Conduction in the Catacombs, Artists’ Television Access and 21 Grand, San Francisco
The Morel Story, Eveningside Drive, Val Verde, California
For Ever, curated by Eungie Joo and Clara Kim, 915 Mateo, Los Angeles
Next Words, REDCAT, Los Angeles
Next Words, High Energy Constructs Gallery, Los Angeles
The Powder Room, Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles
Lights, Camera, Actions, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles
Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California
The Juice Is Loose, 507 Rose Gallery, Los Angeles


“Luminous Ground: A Conversation with Ala Ebtekar,” by Danielle Adair and Ala Ebtekar, Arcade, Stanford University Press, CA

“A Steakhouse In Upstate,” in EMERGENCY INDEX: An Annual Document of Performance Practice, Vol. 8, edited by Yelena Gluzman, Sophia Cleary, Zoe Guttenplan, Ugly Duckling Presse, Brooklyn, NY

“168 Hours In Northern Michigan,” by Tod Wodicka, Photography by Danielle Adair, TANK Magazine, Issue 69, London

“Los Angeles” in the Solitude Atlas, Edition Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany
“Haver” in TrenchArt Monographs: Hurry Up Please It’s Time, edited by Teresa Carmody and Vanessa Place, Les Figues Press, Los Angeles
#15 Los Angeles featured on the Akademie Schloss Solitude Blog (May 4)

Artwork for RoToR #13 – Encounters, edited by Esther Salmona, Sarah Tritz, and Anne Kawala, Paris
work featured in Die Lustige Grube, Infernoesque catalogue, Berlin
“Bahnhof” in Because of Solitude, Edition Solitude, Stuttgart
“I Can Feel Your Teeth” featured in It’s My Decision, Flying Object, USA
Nothing to Declare: 2011 Manila, exhibition catalog curated by Flaudette May Datuin, Precious Leano, and Josephine Turalba, Manila, Philippines

“Writing by Vanessa Place and by Danielle Adair,” Public Access #5, a project by Nicholas Grider

“The Way of Progress” in [out of nothing] Edition #0
“Real Concerns” in The People’s Microphony Songbook, a project by Elana Mann, Los Angeles
“Hope May” in Telephone Book, a project by Brian Stefans, Los Angeles

“excerpts from Selma,” in Thirty Under Thirty, Starcherone Books, Buffalo
“What Do You Do” in 03 LIMITS edition, Allotrope Press, Belfast
“APT: Art Performance Text” in Imaginary Syllabi, Palm Press, Los Angeles
“Studio Visits” for The Institute of Wishful Thinking, Momenta Art, New York

“7 SEP” in The Daybook Project organized by David P. Earle, Printed Matter, New York
“I Am Responsible” in Manana por la Manana, designed by Tanya Rubbak, Printed Matter, New York
“Residual-Bonus” in Casebook Series, ValeVeil, Stockholm

“excerpts from Selma,” in You’ve Probably Read This Before: An Alumni Anthology from CalArts MFA Writing Program, Los Angeles

“What does WAR stand for?” in GLARE Quarterly, Portland, Oregon
“No. II, III, V” in Poetry Sz, New Zealand
“Bibliography” in Chronometry, Los Angeles
“The Morel Story” in Eveningside Drive Catalogue, Val Verde, California
Series Cover Artist for the TrenchArt: Parapet Series from Les Figues Press, Los Angeles

“Chen Xiaoyun at MC Gallery” in Afterall Online, Los Angeles
“Art Talk” in Next Words, Los Angeles
“The Haver” in TrenchArt: Parapets, Les Figues Press, Los Angeles