"Sex and Rage" and Responsibility and March 17th and “The Documents of 20th Century Art” and Texas Holdem and Art Groupies and Walter Hopps and Tripods and “That’s Hot” and War Protest and Theory.

[two-channel video installation, 1 hour video and 24 minute audio loop]

With artist and teacher Michael Asher, a reading of a transcript of an interview with Eve Babitz, the nude model and writer in the infamous photograph of Marcel Duchamp playing chess. Asher reads Babitz’s words including excerpts from her novel of the late 1970’s, Sex and Rage, and in the video, Asher is instructed on playing poker. The two channels are projected side-by-side with audio ambient within the space. The work is a culmination of an extended project, From the Perspective of An Artist Who Writes, which responds to the role of “student” within a given history and includes, among others, the pieces Art Talk and Reflections by Danielle Adair On Jack Goldstein and the CalArts Mafia.

Installation view, D301 Gallery, California Institute of the Arts.

Video Still

Reference Image: Eve Babitz and Marcel Duchamp, Pasadena Museum of Art, 1963, photo by Julian Wasser.