[2008-2017, feature-length digital video, 1’13’56 TRT, 2’00 trailer below, with artist book (Les Figues Press, ed. of 100)]

FIRST ASSIGNMENT is a feature-length collection of video-performances, which examine the role of “media embed” within a unit of US servicewomen in training (The National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California), deployment (Jalalabad, Afghanistan), and after their return home (Fort Hood, Texas). Throughout the project’s trajectory select venues which have featured parts of the work include The Velaslavasay Panorama Theater, Workspace, Sea & Space Explorations, &Now Conference of Innovative Literature and Art, Art as Social Practice Conference at UC-Santa Cruz, Angels Gate Cultural Center, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Dan Graham Gallery, and VeggieCloud in California. FIRST ASSIGNMENT includes the artist book/ performance score, From JBAD, Lessons Learned (Les Figues Press).

From JBAD: Lessons Learned, Les Figues Press, 2009, spiral-bound, 80pages, ed. of 100

FIRST ASSIGNMENT, trailer, 2’00, audio and color.

video stills from FIRST ASSIGNMENT

video stills from FIRST ASSIGNMENT

The Making of Americans from FIRST ASSIGNMENT

We Are Mired In Clouds from FIRST ASSIGNMENT

Coverlands, 2009, installation, Workspace Gallery, Los Angeles.