Caution, bomb @Hopscotch

A Book Launch and Performance-Talk at Hopscotch Reading Room Berlin for the artist book, Caution, bomb, which includes the librettos from the project of the same name.

Caution, bomb begins with the opera “Caution Baum,” created out of time spent with anthroposophic foresters in the south of Germany. The work continues with “Caution Palm,” a song-travelogue through the landscape of Los Angeles. Caution, bomb concludes with a poetic narration of findings from attending, as a representative for a gossip blog, the 2016 US Presidential National Conventions. In all stages, the work takes up, deconstructs, and gives space to reconsider, the US Homeland Security slogan ‘See something, Say something.’ For the book’s launch I gave a new performance-talk, taking as its starting point my research within the German forests of the Allgäu. Photo credit: Lisa Rave and Shirin Sabahi.